Best steam mop for laminate floors

A big number of people have laminated floors, but can they clean it with a steam mop and how will it influence the floor itself? Of course everyone wants to clean as fast as possible and forget about it. But on the other hand, we shouldn’t harm our floor, right?

That’s why in NO case should you use a steam mop while cleaning the laminate. And further I will explain to you why.

Don’t start worrying, because there are always various ways out, so your floor will not be left dirty. I will advise you a few devices which will serve you to make the cleaning process easy, comfortable and definitely safe.


Laminate is used in many houses all around the Globe as it is a well-manufactured flooring. It looks like some type of wood, be it oak, birch or pine. Basically, it looks very similar with natural wood flooring. Also laminate consists of layers which are pressed together. Those layers are: the first is a top coat (special coat that provides a protective function), the next is the picture of the textile (they make all possible kinds of pictures of wood), the third is a wood composite layer, which also has a protective and support function and finally the forth – a moisture barrier on the bottom.

Laminate can be in several forms/shapes: squares or planks. When you start putting the laminate on the floor it is not hard at all, as a laminate part can be assembled together with a simple click but still be strong and tight. You don’t need any glue or other material to attach them to each other.

Coming up to the mopping process of the laminate, should be noticed that this material is very soft and sensitive to heat, which every steam mop produces, that’s why you have to be attentive with it. Because if water traps in between the planks, it will make them lose their shape and peel much sooner as it should be.


Every product has its warranty and the laminate floor isn’t an exception. That’s why buying a laminate flooring in the shop, you will get a warranty together will the manual, where it will be said that you must not use steam mops for cleaning purposes in order to not ruin the laminate.

There are different kinds of laminate flooring manufacturers but all of them say the same thing – they are against the steam mops. The same is with the brand Armstrong laminates. In their manual you will see such a line “laminates, which are damaged in the result of exposure to extremes of temperature or relative humidity” aren’t and will not be covered. The same point said their representative when I asked her directly if I could use a steam mop to clean the laminate flooring. And she said – no, under no circumstances, as well as repeated that the warranty will not cover it even partially.

She said one interesting idea, though. That if you want to check whether the warranty will cover damaged laminate flooring in the result of steam mop heat, you can ask them to demonstrate a confirmation letter where they would say about covering the damage caused by the heat. It is a long and complicated procedure and no one wants to spend time for that, but who knows, maybe you will do that.

After the conversation with the customer representative of Armstrong laminates, I made a contact with another company called Dupont – also very famous. I asked them the same question – What should I do in case if I damaged the laminate floor and the cause for that was a steam mop. They also replied that it is better not to use any steam mop and moreover it is better to avoid cleaning laminate flooring with powders or other chemical cleaners.

Also, Pergo states that you must NEVER use wet mops in order to clean the laminate floors.

Just think. Laminate consists of a few layers, which are quite thin. I guess it can be compared with a wallpaper. So at every turn we use a steam mop that produces very hot air/steam, the quality of the laminate becomes worse and worse. Besides our shiny top will lose its color and the most significant and beautiful its wood picture. Exactly that’s the reason why manufacturers don’t advise to use a steam mop.

Also the top coat, which is considered to be the strongest layer as well as protective one, will start weaken with the time. Don’t start to panic, as it is a fact that if a person uses a steam mop on the laminate floors, the floors will start warping at some point and some cracks/ fissures might appear in between the planks or squares allowing the moisture to get inside and in this way ruining the floor at all.

If you had been using a steam mop for laminated floors, you should stop doing it. Eventually, you can’t physically see all the damage which is done to a laminate with a naked eye. It might take the whole 2-3 years before you see real results of using a steam mop. Therefore, you would better stop now because later you will not be able to save your beautiful shiny flooring.


It obvious and clear that every manufacturer wants to protect and stand for his/her product.

The point is that you are an individual, a free person, who can make his own choice regardless all the things which this or that manufacturer says. You can buy the steam mop for laminate floors and use it, as the manufacturers claim that it does its job great and cleans all the dirt just perfectly. But looking at the steam mop manual you will not find any warranty for your floor (in case if damaged due to cleaning with the steam mop), the warranty will be only for the steam mop.

And then nobody will want to take any responsibility. The steam mop manufacturers would say that you had to read the laminate flooring instructions etc.

But don’t be afraid, this situation will not happen with you as you are reading this review and already know everything you should and shouldn’t do. Moreover, we will find a method to clean the laminate floors safely and fast.

On the following video, you will see a cleaning method, which doesn’t require any batteries. In this video, the woman is using Clorox ReadyMop but it is difficult to find it. So I would consider using almost the same Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop. Whatever mops you find, they will still be better rather than a steam mop.


The only situations, which come to my mind of using a steam mop on the laminate floors are the following:

–    first, if you are going to sell your house and don’t care and bother about the condition of the floors, and the buyers will have to deal with the damage by their own forces.

–    And the second situation is that – if you don’t like to clean for a long time. That’s the reason of using a steam mop. Not caring if you have the warranty or not, you will still change the flooring soon.

In case if one of the above-mentioned situations is true for you, and you realize the harm you have done to the floor, you still should make sure that you were using a steam mop on the sealed laminate only.


It is really not easy to understand if the laminate is sealed or not. What if you bought the house with already built-in laminated flooring? In this situation how can you know?

But exist a few features, which sealed floor has. First of all it is shiny, glossy finish. You will see it on the top coat layer, which we were talking about earlier.

And the second feature, you need to see if it has clear coating that comes off. For this, you need to find a scrap from the leftovers and scrap it a bit to see the result.


Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1If, in any case you decided that you would better buy a steam mop for your laminate, then you should better look for the best options. I would pay your attention to the Black and Decker 2 in 1 as it has a special technology, thanks to which the steam doesn’t come out so hot and there isn’t that much moisture comparing with other models.

The B&D 2 in 1 mop has settings for 3 different types of floors and laminate is one of them. Each of them spreads different amount and level of steam. Let’s take an example with the laminate option – we choose the laminate option and press the button on the handle. The mop will spread less steam as laminate can absorb it and that can affect the quality of the floor after some time. This is the so-called Digital Smart Select Technology.

In none of the manuals will you have a chance to know the maximum temperature that the mop steam produces. But all that can be easily checked. The more time the mop needs for sanitation, the lower the temperature is. And in our case it is a plus.

If, for instance, you have different types of floors at home, what should you do? It is better to clean each type of floor separately if you don’t want to damage one of them. It is a good comprise as all the surfaces will stay “healthy” and beautiful.


  1. HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer

HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level SteamerPerfect for storing and easy in use. This little but powerful unit can impress with its efficiency as well. Just 20 seconds after filling the water reservoir and the HAAN SI-60 is ready to work. A regular stationary head requires a lot of efforts to change the steam mop direction. The large and ergonomic rectangular mop head able to clean and disinfect as fast as a professional, skilled cleaner. It’s very gentle with wooden floors and able to clean the hardest areas of mud on any laminate. The head is also turnable that allows you to slip under and between furniture, bypass corners.

The HAAN steam mop knows that your floor is not the same. It adjusts to the floor conditions for saving the surface of the floor untouched. It will adjust a different temperature for each flooring. It would eliminate that nasty stripes that you’ve probably seen if you used some the cheaper units. There is one little drawback – it’s pretty heavy. However, that’s may be a big plus when we’re talking about effective disinfecting. Pads sterilize your floor with more pressure, which is good for proper sanitizing.

In the box, it comes with a total of 15 steam jets! This will make cleaning as quick as a supersonic jet. Don’t waste your time on dirty and inefficient units! If you want to refresh your carpeting – it comes with a carpet glider!

We can estimate that HAAN SI-60 steam mop works much better with hard floor covering than its opponents doesn’t require gentle care and able to clean your house in minutes!

Read user reviews and get it for the best price on Amazon today!


  1. Bissell Homecare International 94E9T

Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9TThis mop is lightweight and ergonomic. It weighs 7.2 pounds, and that makes it the most maneuverable and fast steam mop on the market. Cleaning between furniture and around corners never was such easy. Now it’s possible thanks to the triangular mop head. No efforts needed to clean under tables and beds! Forget about dangerous chemicals once and for all, just fill distilled water inside the tank and your mop is ready to clean in 30 seconds! The wonderful and clean bacteria-free flooring will be your prize for such a quick process of cleaning. It is so powerful in disinfecting that 99 present of bacteria perishes!

In the set, you will find two reusable microfiber pads, which are machine washable. One for cleaning your house every day, and another for powerful scrubbing. However, there are two minor complaints about this product: there is no function for permanent steam supply, and the power cable is too short to clean a big house. We think that such minor shortcomings are irrelevant. If you want to save some money on electricity, then permanent steam supply isn’t the best option.

This Bissell Homecare International 94E9T steam mop is perfect for medium-sized houses and for the budget conscious people who like cleanliness everywhere, without having allergic reactions to toxic chemicals.

Read other people reviews and comments and get the 94E9T model for the affordable price on Amazon now!


  1. Bissell PowerFresh

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam MopUndoubtedly, the most versatile and efficient steam mop you can get for the money is Bissell PowerFresh ergonomic steam mop. This little beast is amazingly light and fast. The swivel head of the mop allows to get instant access to the tightest cracks and gaps between the furniture. Forget about unplugging and clean entire home in the blink of an eye! The power cable is 23-foot long, which is an outstanding decision for any size of the house. Fully removable water tank makes filling water the easiest thing ever. Using preparation is easier than you can imagine:

  • Install the reservoir filled with distilled water.
  • Plug the mop to electricity.
  • Wait 30 seconds and you’re ready to clean!

Bissell PowerFresh specializes on the wooden floor covering and exactly knows what your floor needs. After cleaning the dirty and sticky mess off, you will get the amazing and most accurate disinfection ever. Imagine yourself life without dirty and dangerous bacteria, allergy and asthma! All this will be possible for you thanks to the perfect little steam mop helper.

In the box, you will find the mop itself, two reusable pads for every day and effective scrubbing, replacement water filters. The mop itself is truly powerful. This particular model has multi-level temp and steam control options at the most suitable place, so you don’t need to move your hand around to get to the control panel. Replacement filter for water is needed to save the mop from corrosion and make it live longer. On our opinion, the best feature of the PowerFresh steam mop is the flip down scrubber, which allows to clean spots and crevices easily and with comfort. Flip down the switcher with your toe and be ready to clean the hardest mess!

PowerFresh steam mop from Bissell is a great choice for every house and floor covering. It can deal with anything in one moment. Power, efficiency, and ergonomic head design make this mop the leader of our rating!

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Steam Mop tricks and tips

After redesigning our home and finishing the roof, we decided to find the best steam mop on the internet. But the task was not as easy as it may seem. We decorated our floors with laminate covering, so choosing of the perfect mop has become harder. We finally found our mop and now want to share our experience with you.

  • The best water is the distilled one. Even if you have reusable filters, tap water is not good enough for using with a steam mop. It leaves a lot of scum, and your mop just stops working.
  • Clean your floors from garbage completely with a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop before steaming.
  • Use the mop as often as possible. Bacteria and microbes reproduce every day! So, be serious about deep cleaning. For sure, we don’t recommend you to use it every day, but once a week is good.
  • Purchase the second pack of mop pads to replace them, if needed.
  • Wash the mop pads in a washing machine. Choose quick wash cycle with hot water and no soap. Thanks to that method, you will finally get rid of stripes and spots.
  • Never add any chemicals to the water tank to avoid allergy and mop malfunctions.
  • 20 seconds is the perfect time for disinfecting any place. Never wait too much, it can cause floor covering damage.

Home is a place, where we spend most of our lives. We enjoy to spend time with our families and doing things we love. For sure, laminate floors are a wonderful and ecological addition to our homes. Having a good cleaner-helper is essential to ensure safety from bacteria and just keep your floor clean. These best mops are perfect for laminate flooring, so grab one of these today and be ready to spend your time with benefit!

Best steam mop for laminate floors
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